Warhammer Online: Solo Nerx Gutslime (Hero) for Easy Loot (healers only)

Located in Mount Bloodhorn there is a Hero mob named Nerx Gutslime. He is in a cave along the eastern side of the zone 53500 , 44500 near a large Dwarf statue. There is a path to the left of the dwarf that leads up to runescape guide a gap you need to jump to the next platform. You will see a log ramp that you run up and the cave is right to the left.
The great thing about this hero gw2 gold is that he is a shaman and does not melee, he only uses ranged attacks as long as you stay about 30 yards from him. When fighting him at range the only thing you need to worry about is buy runescape gold a pitiful dot he puts on you that ticks for 300 damage every 3 seconds for 9 seconds, so healing through it is not a problem at all.
It takes about 20-30 min to dps him down depending on the buy swtor credits healers spec but the loot he drops is well worth the time invested.
The items are pretty damn good so killing him for an upgrade is an option or if you make talismans this can be a good way to make some gold. So far from runescape money my experience the items can be salvaged into uncommon 175 fragments and also have a chance to be salvaged into a 200 rare fragment.
Nerx like most Lair Heroes has a 12 hour respawn timer so depending on when you kill him there guild wars 2 gold is a chance for 2 kills per day. He also drops up to 2 weapons at a time, for me it seemed that he dropped 2 weapons about 75% of the time.
This can easily be done with multiple casters along with one healer and you can duo Nerx with a healer and a melee class as long as the healer takes him down about 15% before the melee jumps in. Its also a good idea for the melee class to get behind Nerx which will keep you from taking any damage from the dot because it has a cone radius.
That’s about it hope this helps someone


Respect the player

Respect the player
We respect you—as a player, as a human being. This game we’re making may end up competing with your real life. It might fight for your free time alongside d3 gold instant delivery your friends, your family, your work, and whatever else you might be doing. Because of that, we diablo 3 gold quick delivery want to give you a meaningful experience, not one that is a vapid waste of your time. Whatever your reasons for spending time d3 gold in Tyria, we don’t want to waste it by doing stuff that isn’t fun.
That’s why we make our content epic. That’s why we have giant nightmare demons to fight, global allegiances guild wars 2 gold to form, immense keeps to siege, and giant catapults to fire. Tyria is a place that will foster relationships with new friends, and provide you a rich experience to share with old ones. buy guild wars 2 gold It’s our version of a playground on the grandest of scales.
Finally, we are building an online world, but we are always careful to leave space for its most important element, the one we designers would like to step out of the spotlight for: its heroes—you.
Purpose: To keep us honest.
I hope you enjoyed exploring the now not-so-secret herbs and spices that help us make Guild Wars 2 such a delicious experience.


Guild Wars 2 Wins Machinima’s Best in Show Award for PAX

We were excited to receive one of Machinima’s two Best in Show Awards for PAX Prime d3 gold for sale 2010!
The good people at Machinima d3 gold fast delivery chose Guild Wars 2 over a crowded field diablo 3 gold of other games for this honor, and we couldn’t be more happy.
The Machinima guild wars 2 gold crew appreciated the artistry and sheer fun of the playable Guild Wars 2 demo at PAX. “The art buy diablo 3 gold style bleeds beauty, and it plays better than most games on the market today,” they said. “We can’t wait to play it.”
Check out Machinima’s Best in Show video for a full recap of the PAX madness, delivered in the inimitable Machinima style.


Scott McGough on Writing the Charr 0

Scott McGough here, representing the Guild Wars 2 design writing team. I’ll be bringing you the latest dispatches from the farthest reaches of the charr empire, because someone has to prepare you for the thing I’m looking forward to most: the bad guys from Guild Wars becoming a fully playable race diablo 3 gold buy in Guild Wars 2.
Virtues and Vices
Our world designers and writers approach the charr with a certain amount of gusto. After all, it’s just plain fun to write for the bad guys, especially when you get to explore their point of view, in which they’re d3 power leveling the good guys. We know some people will feel a lingering resentment of the charr—probably because of that whole Searing thing—in addition to the gleeful anticipation of getting inside their fur, so our guiding principle for writing them has been to delve diablo 3 items into some of the unexplored charr virtues (industry, discipline, fearlessness) along with their well known vices (aggression, bloodthirst, and ruthlessness). Balancing the admirable traits with the fearsome ones allows us to present a more complete picture of charr society without negating gw2 gold or retconning their violent history.
Virtues and Vices
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Winning Ugly is Still Winning
Things have gone relatively well for our nation of belligerent feline antagonists since we last saw them. After Kalla Scorchrazor’s rebellion broke the power of the Flame Legion shamans, buy gw2 gold the Iron, Ash, and Blood Legions reestablished their dominance and led the charr people on a remarkable series of victories. By the start of Guild Wars 2, the charr have almost completely pushed humanity out of what was once Ascalon, successfully built a capital city stronghold on the ruins of Rin, and solidified their grip on their holdings while also expanding ever-outward into new territory. This should come as no surprise, as victory has been a touchstone for everything the charr do. Both as individuals and as a society, they still care far less about the means than they do the ends, especially when the end is winning.
Winning Ugly…
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The Cycles

The Cycles
The sylvari believe that the portion of the day during which you were born speaks to a person’s personality, interests, and special talents. They pay close attention to this, and each of the four cycles—Dawn, Noon, Dusk and Night—are guided by one of the firstborn. Those four firstborn, called the Luminaries, tend to be the most active in the governance of the sylvari race. They work together to bring new knowledge into the Grove, defend the Pale Tree, and build political relationships with the other races of Tyria. Although the other firstborn are considered wise mentors and have certain authority, the Luminaries fulfill the primary tasks of maintaining society and guiding the sylvari as a whole.
The Cycle of Dawn
Sylvari born during d3 gold the Cycle of the Dawn, from midnight to 6 a.m., are natural talkers and planners. They are the diplomats of the sylvari race, and tend to be gregarious and friendly types. Their Luminary is the clever Aife, whose skill with words is only equaled by her keen aim with a bow. She is a diplomat and has traveled to each of the large cities of Tyria on behalf of her people. Those sylvari who wish to see the world would do well to speak with her and gain her wisdom before they begin their journey.
The Cycle of Noon
The Cycle of Noon extends from 6 a.m. to noon, during the blazing rise of the sun. On the whole, these sylvari prefer actions to words and are skilled combatants no matter how they choose to fight. They diablo 3 gold like to experience things firsthand, attack problems head on, and enjoy the rush of warfare. Niamh is their Luminary, a bold and experienced warrior that has fought many battles. She leads a company of sylvari called the Wardens, who are the guards and protectors of the Grove.
The Cycle of Dusk
Those sylvari born during the time between noon and 6 p.m. are members of the Cycle of Dusk. They tend to be intelligent, philosophical, and retiring. Such sylvari enjoy riddles and puzzles, and they prefer to spend their time in study rather than in physical pursuits. In their garden, you will find Luminary Kahedins, whose kind soul and gentle words have often been a balm to troubled sylvari. It is his task to help newly awakened buy d3 gold sylvari understand what they have seen within the Dream of Dreams. Lately, he has been studying the written languages of Tyria and determining whether the sylvari should create a writing system of their own.
The Cycle of Night
Lastly, the sylvari born during the late hours from 6 p.m. to midnight belong to the Cycle of Night. Many of these sylvari are inclined to be solitary, preferring to travel alone. They are often secretive, self-contained, and quiet. The Cycle of Night’s Luminary is the astronomer Malomedies, credited with charting the skies and bringing mathematics to the sylvari. He was also the first to meet with the asura, a bitter tale that he rarely tells. Although Malomedies is the most private of the Luminaries, those who are gw2 gold awakened to his cycle speak of him as a stern mentor but a caring one.
Despite the signs of long-ago death, the slumbering ruins felt somehow alive; the hush and whisper of tide below the cliff rising and falling like a sleeper’s breath. Something low and shadowy, stinking of brine, cast a slender shadow among the crumbling rocks. Cadeyrn watched it pass between the tilted walls and fragmented arches that must have been a chapel. Saw it flicker where an altar once stood. Marked where the shadow vanished away.
“Are you prepared?” Niamh murmured softly behind him, her frond-like hair rustling in the cold breeze. She drew her sword and checked its edge, finding it keen. Eager silver eyes met his dark gold gaze. “It is time to strike.” Two others of guild wars 2 gold an even younger generation than Cadeyrn stood with her; both, like them, members of the Cycle of Noon.
Cadeyrn stepped away from the little ledge on which he’d been crouched. “They are ready for us. We must move cautiously.”
Together, they crept down onto the beach and into the ruins, and there, they found their quarry. Cadeyrn’s sword cleaved a krait in two with a single stroke. He spun the weapon expertly behind his back, blocking another creature’s claw before snapping down to slice away the extended hand. A krait sorceress’s unblinking eyes widened as she wove a thaumaturgic web of slaughter, and two of the sylvari died in her flame. Fiercely, Cadeyrn leapt toward her, his blade tearing through the krait’s flesh.
He left nothing behind but scale and scream.
When buy wow gold the krait were dead, Niamh and Cadeyrn stood in the center of the ruined chapel, blood on their blades and fierce smiles lighting their faces. A sound caught his attention, and he raised a hand for silence, slipping forward to the place where he had seen movement from above.
Cadeyrn tilted the altar aside, and the sound grew louder. Beneath the stone lay a cave, long ago flooded by the advance of the sea. There, in a sea-cavern below the ruins, krait lay in hiding, unperturbed by the icy waters. But these were not warriors. This was a hatchery, filled with krait eggs and terrified young.
He raised his sword to continue the extermination—
“Cadeyrn!” Niamh said sharply.
Cadeyrn paused, looking up at the leader of his Cycle in confusion.
“Leave them.”
“But…they are krait.”
“They are children.”
“Children.” He frowned, for the word had little meaning. “You mean ‘they are small.’ They are small, but they are krait. They will grow up to be large krait, and then we will kill them. Why not kill them now, when it is easy and they are undefended? It seems the wisest course of action. Otherwise, we risk losing more sylvari lives when these return fully grown.”
“We must take that risk, to give them a chance to change their ways,” the firstborn said. “All things have a right to grow. The blossom is brother to the weed.” Soberly, she put away her sword and pushed the altar back. Beneath it, Cadeyrn could hear the snakes scrambling, splashing away into the ocean tide.
“Again the firstborn quote the Tablet when I ask for logic.” He growled beneath his breath. “I do not agree.”


The Savage Pride of the Jotun 5

The jotun (pronounced JŌ-tun) are the last remnants of an ancient society of giants. Once powerful, advanced, and arrogant, they proclaimed themselves rulers of the Shiverpeak Mountains and raised great monuments to themselves on the highest peaks. Their leaders, known as giant-kings, were tremendously powerful beings, as skilled in feats of strength as they were in magic and lore.
And yet, as the jotun defeated all who threatened their control over the mountains, they did not adjust to peace. Convinced that they were the superior race, they became obsessed with the purity of their blood and the number of heroes, warlords, and giant-kings in each lineage. Blood became a reason for taking one mate over another, seizing land, and in time, wiping out other “lesser” tribes. Eventually, the jotun conquered or destroyed all their external enemies, and then the giant-kings turned on each other, each seeking ultimate control. d3 gold Families waged war upon one another, and brother made war on brother, until the tribes erupted in vicious internal wars for control.
“I will show you the jotun of ages past, when we strode across the Shiverpeaks as mighty lords. Witness the savagery, greed, and vanity that ended our glorious rule…”
—Thruln, the last of the giant-kings
Long ago, the jotun possessed the ability to use magic and were skilled enough with it to create enchanted monuments in the Shiverpeak Mountains. Some historians believe that the age of jotun magic may even pre-date the coming of the human gods and the creation of the Bloodstones. Yet, during their long history of infighting, civil war, and slaughter, the jotun lost all knowledge and understanding of magic. Their powerful sages were killed, and their lore-keepers and mystics were wiped out before they could continue the tradition diablo 3 gold of jotun magic. All that remains of their once-great arcane spirituality are a few carved runes on forgotten, snow-covered peaks.
Recent History
“See this stone, and behold the power that will one day conquer the world.”
—Written on a jotun monument
Over the centuries of their existence, the jotun have fallen far from their state of grace, losing command of technology and magic they once utilized, and remembering their place as kings of the land only in legend and story. While jotun leaders struggle to reclaim ancient glories and grasp lost power for themselves, most scholars believe that the glory days of the ancient giant-kings are lost forever.
The jotun have lost many of the things that once made them great. Their lore is scattered, and much of it lost; any religion, higher learning, or secrets of invention that they once mastered have been eradicated, buy d3 gold and only the remnants of their once-great society remain. Like the massive stone monuments their people once raised that can still be found in the Shiverpeaks, the jotun have lost their purpose…and their meaning.
Now savage, vicious creatures, the jotun fall upon any traveler they see. Occasionally pacified by tribute and flattery, they may choose to let non-jotun pass with a threat or a beating. However, when two clans of jotun come upon one another, they are satisfied with nothing less than the complete eradication of the other.
Jotun organize themselves into large tribes, related by blood or union, led by the strongest. This strength may come from arms, or magic, or any other ability—but it is always shown through physicality and brute force. The jotun do not respect a leader that is not physically able to enforce his laws and rulings. They would kill and replace anyone who lost gw2 gold their strength, failed, or did not lead the tribe to glory. A charr soldier may make a calculated decision to kill a failed leader in order to ensure victory for the warband. A jotun is more like a rabid beast, reflexively tearing one of their own to pieces at the first sign of weakness—no matter the long-term cost for the clan.
Jotun tend to segregate themselves by sex: males are more aggressive and take leadership roles, while females are relegated to childrearing. Males gather in small groups of blood-relations and constantly seek to eliminate any other jotun they discover in their clan’s territory. At its heart, the jotun’s internal warfare is intended to eliminate all those jotun not blood-related to a single clan. Because of this, it is critical for jotun to protect their females and children. A traveler will never see those in open territory, as the family unit is always well-hidden from the world guild wars 2 gold while the males hunt and bring back food for all.
While many of the more “barbaric” races of Tyria have a sense of honor or a code of ethics, the jotun have very few moral restrictions inherent in their society. They protect and defend their family, their clan, and their territory through whatever means necessary. A jotun will break his word, lie under oath, or act reprehensibly if he feels it will empower him or strengthen his clan (or destroy another). Individuals who have attempted to make peace with jotun tribes in the past have learned, much to their sorrow, that jotun only stick to such treaties as long as they clearly benefit from them. It is far more likely that a jotun clan bound by treaty is only biding their time or building their strength, planning soon to eradicate those foolish enough to trust them.
“Who do I worship? Ha! Myself!”
—Utahein, jotun chieftain
The closest thing that the jotun buy wow gold have to “religion” is their firm, avowed belief that their blood is magical—that it is powerful, and akin to the divine. Each clan of jotun reveres their ancestors and can trace their lineage back to some powerful giant-king of lore. Many of the tales of these giant-kings have taken on the feel and tenor of religious myths, and each clan calls to their legendary blood to empower them, see them through trials, and ensure them victory. While it cannot be said the jotun “worship” their ancestors, they certainly attempt to emulate them through conquest, single-minded self-absorption, and personal pride.
Behind the Scenes
Even though we had established the jotun in the original games, we wanted to really bring them to life in Guild Wars 2, particularly for the norn areas of the world. We wanted them to be more than “nasty customers with big clubs,” and the way we chose to do that was to give them a long history—but a tragic one. We wanted to make the ogres an old race and follow that with the jotun, since the two species are interlinked. Giving the jotun a history that had been lost—ruined by their own flaws—gives them a lot of depth and plays into the overall story of Guild Wars 2.
The new jotun art depicts the race as being taller and more intelligent looking than the art from the original Guild Wars, which helps to better illustrate the race’s history and the fact that they are sentient, smart creatures—not rock-tossing droolers. The primitivism we see in their clothing and weapons is a sharp contrast to the magical monuments located at their camps—and that, too, is deliberate. Showing the decline of a race from power and civilization into primitivism, all because they could not stop fighting amongst themselves, is important to the game’s theme. It illustrates what might happen if the player character races can’t give up their old arguments and unite against the threat of the Elder Dragons.


The Memoirs of Klaine; a Mesmer – Chapter I

I was a noble, a fancy Memser, and a vision in pink and purple. I was the most flamboyant man in Tyria – really, a Mesmer in pink/purple armor, you think you can top that? – and I was gorgeous. I slicked my hair back as I admired my reflection in the mirror. No, I wasn’t going to go all cray cray and ask the mirror who the fairest of them all was because I knew in my heart that it was me. Period.
Though I was born to riches and a silver spoon – literally – in my mouth, I knew I didn’t want to become one of those fat, jolly men who bathed in gold and didn’t give a tinker’s toot to the plight of the less fortunate. Yeah sure, we were rich now and could afford all kinds of luxurious fabrics and exotic meat from the land of Tyria but we should never ever tempt Fate because the cosmic universe just loves to throw you a curveball when you least expect it. And what that happens, all you horrible human beings who’ve never known hardship will be thrown out on your asses and starve to death.
And seriously, dolyak meat? Really? What the hell is wrong with you people?
I know what it’s like to be abandoned. I came out to my parents – seriously, how could they not have known? – and I was prepared d3 gold buy for their question: How fast can you get the hell out of my house? I should have guessed; it was the medieval times. No one was prepared for such a revolution but I knew that one day… one day, these people will recognise me for who I am. Not a fabulous gay man with the best fashion sense in Divinity’s Reach and Kryta, but a hero. A legend. A God walking amongst mere mortals.
I used to sit by this fountain and wonder when my time will come.
Finally tearing myself away from the mesmerising person in the mirror, I walked out of the house. As I traveled the streets of Divinity’s Reach, people walked past me in hushed tones, occasionally staring at me before hurrying away.
Whatever… The news of me being gay was so 250 years ago. And don’t be oh so surprised; what did you expect when I decided to pick the elegant and flamboyant magical arts of the Mesmer? What, did you think I picked it just because I could cast clones and illusions? THERE WAS PINK BUTTERFLIES. GET A CLUE.
Back to my zen self… I decided to travel out to Shaemoor today because I wanted to get some fresh air. Divinity’s Reach can be quite stifling, especially when d3 gold eu you’re invited to pretentious parties by people with more money than they know what to do with. Fake people with their fake laughs, haughty attitudes and the ignorant belief that they’re above everyone else.
"He's gay. He's not gay. He's gay. He's not gay..." Oh get a rose and shred some petals, sister!
Expecting to be greeted by a scenic view of lush greenery with white fluffy rabbits and Golden Moas, I stepped out of the ginormous double doors and gasped in the shock. The village was under attack by centaurs! Those foul beasts were setting cottages on fire and harassing the poor defenseless village folks. They trampled the crops with no mercy and hacked and slashed their way through the mass hysteria, slaying indiscriminately.
A Seraph ran past me to help but I heard a ‘swoosh’ and he crumbled to the ground. An arrow – presumably a centaur’s – had flown swift and true and found its way into his neck. I instinctively rolled out of the way as I heard a second ‘swoosh’ and another arrow missed my head by inches, shearing threads of my hair.
Not my hair, you bitch! I charged towards him before he could draw his bow again and unsheathed d3 items my sword; this had become personal. I stabbed the Tamini Archer with a flurry of fanciful strikes and it wasn’t long before he dropped to the floor, lifeless. A man behind me hollered for my attention and instructed me to head to the inn where it was safe. But it wasn’t a haven for long because Captain Thackery requested for reinforcements at the garrison and I valiantly volunteered.
Don’t get me wrong, I hate that bumbling, lovesick fool. I’ve heard of his legend of course, the once invincible Edge of Destiny which splintered after their defeat at the claws of Kralkatorrik, an Elder Dragon. All I know was that he picked Queen Jennah and decided to help defend Ebonhawk, while leaving the group defenseless. Irony was, Jennah ultimately saved the city with her mesmeric powers so I don’t see why she needed Captain Thackery anyway, other than to be a needy girlfriend. But this was about the people and the village. It was about saving lives.
I ran towards the garrison, lightning flashing and thunder roaring in the distance and all the while being pelted relentlessly by the rain. I was soaked to the bone but even then, I knew I looked good wet. The garrison gates were bolted and the armed guards yelled gw2 gold for me to defend against the invasion and I turned just in time to see a hoard of centaurs charging towards us. Swords, shields, bows and all.
My mind went, “We’re screwed.” But I raised my sword anyway, prepared to engage the first enemy when a ball of fire slammed into his chest. I looked up and saw a group of people racing towards us. I couldn’t tell how many there were with the rain blurring my vision but I could see that there was definitely an Elementalist, Ranger and Warrior in their midst.
I joined the battle and as I hacked and slashed, I was convinced I looked the best amongst my comrades. I was elegant with the handling of my sword, not barbaric. I didn’t have a pet, but I had clones which shattered in a shade of pink and butterflies. I didn’t command the forces of the elements, but my spells were accompanied by lavish pinky effects.
I destroyed my opponents with artistic swordsmanship, twirled and leapt into the air gracefully, and phased in and out with a pink hue. I am a swan. I flew gracefully amongst the battlefield, taking down enemies one by one and escaped unscathed, without so much as a speck of dirt on me. I truly am gorgeous.
The gates flew open and Captain Thackery ordered guild wars 2 guide us to join him at the other side where more centaur forces from their centaur lands were invading. It wasn’t long before we slaughtered the unfeeling beasts and almost their shaman until he incapacitated us with earth spikes and ran away with his tail between his legs. We gave chase only to stop in horror as he summoned an Earth Elemental. Or Earth Elemental hands to be exact. It was huge, unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. It was easily 10 times my height and it created a swirling vortex between its hands, sucking up everything around it.
The Hands. *Credit: Massively
I slashed at the stone and granite, pretty sure that I wasn’t doing any damage but slowly and surely, I was chipping away at its health. A piece of debris smashed into the ground beside me and a mini Earth Elemental spawned, arms raised, ready to beat me senseless until an arrow flew out of nowhere and hit him squarely in the face. It dealt no lasting damage to the elemental as I could see, but the poor arrow had been bent out of shape. A ferocious bear followed hot on the trail of the arrow and pounced on the elemental and its attention had now changed to the pet’s master.
I left the Ranger to his poor fate as I continued hacking away. It wasn’t long till Captain Thackery cautioned us to run back for the Elemental’s hands were going to explode but it was too late. The impact sent debris, trees, water mills, wagons and even cows flying in all direction. I took something heavy to the head and I blacked out.
Three days later, I regained consciousness and a Priestess of Dwayna informed me that a couple of my friends came to visit, including a Lord Faren who seemed awfully interested in her. She even advised me to get some fresh air and exercise and suggested I help the people of Shaemoor.
Fine by me, it was what I wanted to do anyway before I got dragged into this centaur debacle. To aid my journey, she offered a choice of two weapons I could use: Focus or pistol. I chose the pistol; gunning someone down had to be more fun than smacking them to death with a cowbell.
Invigorated, rejuvenated, energized and inspired, I stepped out of the inn into the lands of Shaemoor. Somehow, I knew the day had come. This was the day my adventure began. The day I became responsible to someone other than myself. This was the day I started my path to becoming a hero, not just of Shaemoor but Tyria. Little did I know how right I was and the horrors that awaited me beyond the fields of Shaemoor…